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Our History

Starting in 1985 Phillip Colasante Sr. started his long journey as a disc jockey. Back when it wasn't as easy to just click, download and press play Phil Sr. rose to the top of the Rhode Island Dj scene with his carasmatic personality and personable humor (and hundred of pounds of records). Phil Sr. spent years playing all across Rhode Island and neighboring states lugging milk crates of records, then cassete tapes, and then cd's.


In 1992 Phillip Colasante Jr. was born. From the time he was old enough, he began to accompany his father to gigs and functions alike. Starting with community events and leading to his weddings, Phil Jr. closely watched and learned everything Phil Sr. did. Upon reaching middle school Phil Jr. began experimenting on the turntables himself and fell in love with the art of DJ'ing. Since then Phil Jr. has become an up and comming Dj in Rhode Island.


Together, Sr. and Jr. continue the family legacy along with Giovanni Colasante (Seniors son and Juniors brother) of making the difference and making parties happen!


Our Philosophy

For us, being Dj's isn't just a job, or a paycheck... For us it's a way of life. Everything in life is better with music, it's our job to find the right song. Whether the dance floor is packed, or people are suddely enjoying the music while talking to others or going about other festivites at the event, we strive to please everyones ears.